Is your organization on the right path?

We are a healthcare strategy company ...
A production studio for strategy.

Are you on top of the new ideas in healthcare?

We are a healthcare ideas source ...
Offering a unique collection of content and disruptive ideas.

Are you making progress and reaching your goals?

We are a strategy partner for healthcare executives ...
Providing healthcare strategies + ideas + action.

We are a boutique healthcare consultancy ... Creating, thinking, delivering a different plan for today's different times in healthcare.

Today’s healthcare leaders need:
  • A clear strategy
  • Great ideas
  • A team and tools for action
  • New ways to clarify, simplify, focus, and drive forward

Why? Because healthcare is changing — and healthcare organizations face an unprecedented opportunity to rethink the way America delivers healthcare.

Strategy Advantage invites you to unleash your vision and make a new difference in your organization and the communities you serve. As a boutique healthcare business strategy firm, we help clients spark change in their hospital and health system organization with fresh thinking, insightful strategies, and – most importantly – tangible action. We believe in big, novel ideas, and we have the experience – and energy directed to the “do” part of strategy – to transform strategies and ideas into action.

Strategy Advantage serves healthcare leaders who:
  • Recognize the unique times we are in and the opportunities before us
  • Believe in a different future for healthcare and embrace the challenge
  • Yearn for more effective and more relevant ways to serve patients and their communities
  • Want to access – and are searching for – new and disruptive ideas in healthcare
  • Want to create, re-create, re-design, and renovate healthcare
  • Won’t settle for the status quo
  • Are excited by the notion that “we can do this … we can change healthcare”